ForeSite IC

FuelQuest ForeSite™ IC (Inventory Control) helps fuel managers spot and resolve issues with theft, fraud, leakage, deliveries, gray loads, dispensing equipment, and operational errors that cause inventory variances. ForeSite IC tracks inventory, sales, and deliveries; and automatically calculates, alerts, and logs any events that are out of tolerance with acceptable inventory losses or gains. Software-based statistical analysis enables ForeSite IC to monitor for inventory measurement errors continuously and create tank strapping charts to ensure inventory accuracy across hardware brands and without expensive add-ons or upgrades. ForeSite IC gives retailers the ability to account for each gallon of fuel from delivery to consumption and allows them to correct variance issues before they become expensive problems.





ForeSite IC collects inventory, delivery, and sales information from a variety of sources including ATGs, fuel management systems, order management systems, Point of Sale (POS), back-office systems, automated and manual file import, and manual entry. ForeSite IC analyzes this data accurately calculating and identifying current inventory position and variances (when the actual on hand inventory does not match expected "book" inventory levels). With user-configurable rules defining variance calculation and configurable thresholds for acceptable variance, fuel managers can tailor ForeSite IC inventory policies to their particular business requirements.

Key features:
  • Variance Exceptions - Automatic detection and notification of daily, weekly, and monthly inventory variances
  • Variance Drill Down - Exploration of inventory, delivery, and sales details to identify potential problems
  • Device Independent Analysis - Full variance analysis with most ATG models.
  • Centralized Policy-based Management- Business-level policies defined in customizable rules
  • ACR Option – Software-based statistical analysis detects measurement errors and creates new tank strapping chart
ForeSite IC is built on the ForeSite Platform, a flexible technology framework that enables rapid deployments, enterprise-level scalability and availability, enhanced security, open integration, and mobile device access. ForeSite IC easily interfaces with FuelQuest Fuel Management System (FMS); third-party order management, back-office, and POS systems; and ERP applications. ForeSite IC is fully internationalized and localizable. ForeSite IC has native support for English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese Vietnamese, Russian, and double-byte languages including Chinese and Arabic.



      ForeSite IC offers the following benefits:

      • Supports faster problem remediation by early detection of potential issues with theft, fraud, leakage, delivery errors, gray loads, dispensing equipment errors, and operational errors
      • Reduces fuel losses, improving bottom line performance
      • Improves management productivity for large, complex, or heterogeneous networks
      • Lowers costs through the use of existing and/or low cost hardware
      • Lowers cost of regulatory compliance through software-based tank strapping


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